Search Engine Optimization

What is the point of having an incredibly designed website that is lightning fast, if you are buried on page 3 of Google? You are being seen by no potential customer base for the most important searches that are going to make you money. Unless you are up to no good, this is not the prime position that is going to gain visibility, raise awareness, and build your business.

Our team of expert digital marketers are here to provide top of the line SEO services to help you raise your website’s positions for the most relevant and high intent searches online.

What Goes Into Successful SEO?

Google Maps

Creating and optimizing your business’s location can help you show up more frequently in Google Maps. Having your company appear in the maps listings will increase your search traffic exponentially.

Geographically Specific Keyword Phrases

The benefit of targeting your website around geo-specific keyword phrases based on where your business is located helps you to claim more of the top page of search results against larger companies in the industry. When a user searches with a city or state specific keyword phrase, the probability of them getting in contact with your business increases greatly. They are generally in your location and are searching for the product or service you provide.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a great tool from Google that helps to increase the brand awareness, traffic and conversion opportunities to your company. This profile allows you to continue to inform any online customers about who you are, what you provide, hours of operation and much more relevant information regarding your business.

At Growth Local, we strive to be the solution to your digital marketing problems. Whether you are just on the cusp of first page glory, or are struggling in the depths of the 4th page there are always opportunities to improve your overall marketing strategy to increase traffic and business to you.

If interested, feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact form and we will figure out the best solution to whatever pain points your business is experiencing!

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