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SEO as a whole is one of the top resources to reach clients online and drive interest to a company’s website. It is important for

What is E-commerce SEO?

The main focus of E-commerce SEO is to have your company’s individual product pages showing up as high as they can on organic search results leading to more sales of the specific product displayed. Optimizing your e-commerce website for SEO is important because the customer is ready to purchase, they are only deciding who to purchase from! You want to be the first option a consumer sees on the top page of search traffic with the exact product right in front of their eyes. More visibility leads to more traffic to your product pages, more traffic leads to more sales of your products which in turn aids in the continued growth and success of your overall organization.
What Goes Into E-commerce SEO?

SEO has many in-depth strategies to utilize, implement and improve upon for all website’s. For an e-commerce website the goal is to get your products viewed organically on search engines and purchased once clicked into the actual product page. With that in mind e-commerce SEO strategy includes but is not limited to:

On-Page Optimization – performing the necessary research to determine what your ideal consumer is searching for online and building out each product page to be “the answer” to the consumer’s question on search engines.

Conversion Rate Optimization – Analyzing the purchase habits of the consumer is imperative to make necessary changes and adjustments to grow each product’s sales online. By running A/B split tests, analyzing heat tracking software and figuring out the most effective strategy per page based on research and past results, conversion rate optimization will help to increase the sales numbers of any e-commerce site.

Site Speed Optimization – Making sure whatever page a consumer clicks on is fast is important to not miss sales opportunities online. You want your products to be sold from your website, do not make the consumer wait long to give you their hard earned money for each transaction.

Competitor Analysis – As former athletes in a past life, we love to compete. Whether it is in sports or earning top positions on Google, analyzing competitor’s websites that are outperforming the current status is a necessity. Our goal is to not recreate the wheel to bring your company online success. Our goal is to figure out what is working in the industry, and improve the wheel to make it rubber, rolling and bullet-proof.

Much More!

If you are ready to improve your sales and overall online presence through advanced e-commerce SEO strategy, give us a call. Our team of expert digital marketers and web developers will help explain the ins and outs of your website and offer tactical advice and recommendations to bring your business to the next level.

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